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PO Generation screen

I am wondering what the first quantity value is for on the PO generation screen.

For example, if generating from a sales order with 5 of prod1, 4 of prod2, and 3 of prod3: you'd end up with the generate screen listings for those products, and the required quantities of 5, 4, and 3. Each has a blank quantity field.

Then, the best price vendor has the quantity field which actually contains the default quantity for that item.

In the source, you would have "qty_1" with value "", and "qty_2" with value "5".
Then "qty_3" with value "", and "qty_4" with value "4".

You can control the PO quantity with the second quantity field. For what is the first?

The SL and LSMB manuals are both silent on this.

(Light flickers on over head) is it for cases in which you need to specify a quantity to an as yet unspecified vendor, which you will obtain with the checkbox and select vendor? and otherwise has no effect?