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Re: percentage discount not calculating properly

On Wed, 24 Feb 2010, Michael Richardson wrote:

"Luke" == Luke  <..hidden..> writes:
   >> This will affect the precision possible, not the method of
   >> calculating the discount.

   Luke> Chris

   Luke> Irrespective of precision from the customer point of view,
   Luke> wouldn't it make some sense to do all internal calculations at
   Luke> the highest precision available, and only round at the end of,
   Luke> in this case, a line item?

Doesn't matter in the end :-)

How so? (or I should ask: how not so?) Since when does correct calculation of line items not matter to the end result of the transaction?

I want my PO to match the invoice that I received, and if they get it

How often does that actually happen, what with extra shipping charges, etc.?

wrong by 0.01, I really would like to have a "+-0.01" button to adjust
my entry...

You seem to be talking about AP, whereas this discussion is about AR. AP presents a different side of the same problem I suppose, although I have rarely run into it there since mine are service consumers not inventory consumers for the most part.