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Re: Installing LSMB 1.3: initiate.pl Failed!

2010/2/22 Iserv-appbox <..hidden..>:

> I'm trying to install LSMB 1.3 beta3 on Debian Lenny (in a vserver
> environment).
> LSMB and postgresql-server are on different vservers.

My experience with installing 1.3 beta3 was pretty close as described
Marjan. Still some bits from my point of view:
- initiate.pl form could have defaults and/or descriptions of fields.
Even database host and port are not so trivial for first install, for

- error messages on initiate.pl could be much more informative.

- there is little mess with users and with databases during install
and setup: which admin are meant in every single situation? postgres,
database or company? Is there need for one common database for
ledgersmb itself and then other for company data?

- in README.Debian is line "apt-get install `cat required.deb.txt`",
but there is no such file like required.deb.txt

- ubuntu.sh (pointed from README.Ubuntu) has listed just a few
available modules. As a admin i avoid using CPAN and package manager
together, so from CPAN i install just as few as possible.
List of required modules which are available for Ubuntu Karmic (9.10):
libdata-dump-perl libtest-tester-perl libdatetime-perl
liblog-log4perl-perl libmodule-install-perl libmime-perl texlive
libtest-exception-perl libtemplate-perl liberror-perl
libcgi-simple-perl libtest-exception-perl libclass-std-perl
libconfig-std-perl postgresql-contrib-8.4 libtemplate-perl
libxml-twig-perl libopenoffice-oodoc-perl

libtest-trap-perl is not available for karmic, but is for 10.04 and
from CPAN i installed Template::Plugin::Latex. Excel module i did not
install at all.

Thank you,

KÃike hÃÃd,