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Reliable deployment and operation Re: Installing LSMB 1.3: Spreadsheet::ParseExcel Failed!

Hi Chris,

I'm not an experienced Perl programmer, but IMHO this issue raises questions
about the stability of the application.

If on the one hand the application depends on a bunch of Perl modules, and
on the other hand these modules are constantly evolving, how can a reliable
deployement and a reliable operation of the application be assured?

Is it possible to enforce a strict version policy of all required modules
at installation time?

If not, should the application be distributed with all the required modules
included (e.g. in a separate package)?

Marjan Waldorp,
Chris Travers wrote:
On Fri, Feb 19, 2010 at 3:13 AM, Iserv-appbox <..hidden..> wrote:

I'm trying to install LSMB 1.3 on Debian Lenny (in a vserver environment).

Step "Check And Satisfy Perl Dependencies" fails when running make in
installing Spreadsheet::ParseExcel

't/001_basic.t' fails. Why is unclear to me.

Attached the relevant screen output from make.

Any help?

I couldn't figure out why this was failing with most recent CPAN
versions so I just re-ran the perl Makefile.PL and told it not to
install that module.

I expect to lodge a bug with the module if nobody beats me to it.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

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