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possibilities for ledgersmb conference

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    >> Has anyone considered having an ledgersmb mini-conference either
    >> independently, or as a summit of another
    >> conference... e.g. PGcon, OLS, onlinux, OScon, ???

    Chris> Not yet.  Maybe we will get there though :-) Efforts in
    Chris> helping with such things is appreciated.

A neat tool is doodle.com, which lets you have simple polls...


A possible way to increase focus and get 1.3+ really solid would be to
gather people who are deploying it with people who are working on it (or
want to work on it), in a face to face meeting.  
How/when/where should this occur?

Options I wrote are:

Hold an independant conference in Toronto, Q2/Q3-2010?
Have a summit as part of PGcon, in Ottawa, May 2010?
Hold a summit as part of Ottawa-Linux-Symposium, July 2010?
Hold a summit as part of another Toronto conference?
Hold a conference in another city, Q2/Q3 2010?
Hold a summit as part of OScon (July 2010), in Portland?
I am not interested in any conference.
I am not interested in a conference in 2010.
I am interested in another option.

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