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Re: Postgres Security Update

Josh Berkus wrote:
On 1/27/10 2:33 PM, David Godfrey wrote:
A heads up for all,

There is a security update available for postgres.
It also fixes some memory leaks and other things.

Are you referring to 8.4.2?  That came out a while ago ...

That's strange, it was an update to 8.3.9-0ubuntu8.10, aptitude log says 28/01/2010,
but the changelog says 15/12/2009.

I could swear it wasn't there 24hours ago, as I did an update run on the machine then.
I should have mentioned the version and the fact that it is running on an Intrepid system.

So unless there was something weird with The Repo's I am using, I would have expected it to have been new in the last week.
Mind you I have seen strange things with the Repo's before.

This is the only machine I have running Intrepid, so I can't verify a timeline on anything else.

Sorry for contributing to list traffic :-[

David G