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Finally it is here "LSMB Partnumber Search Patch" for AR and AP

Hello all,
Finally I have a beta release of the "LSMB Partnumber Search Patch" it is in beta 2.
I believe it to be stable and it should not be possible for it to damage your data as it only patches the queries used for retrieving partnumbers.

There are some minor issues with workarounds listed in the README.sh file.
This can be accessed by running it with ./README.sh or by running ./patch-apply.sh and choosing no when asked if you have read the README.

It is VERY important that you read the README, I can't be held responsible if you don't.

The Tarball can be found at http://www.sbts.com.au/lsmb/.
Scroll to the bottom of the page. It is the last entry.

I will keep it in beta until there is feedback from some users to say that it works ok.
So please test it and let me know by email or on IRC (my nick is SBTS).

David Godfrey
Shark Bay Technical Services
mb:+61 437 286 200