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Errors encountered on first install of LSMB 1.3 Beta 1

Did not reach the finish line.
I'm wondering if I need pg 8.3, instead of 8.1.

-- Hugh 

first glitch in install so far: perl Makefile.PL gets me: Can't locate inc/Module/Install.pm in @INC

@INC includes .

but $LSMB_INSTALL_DIR includes no inc/

well I found this: 
however perl -v says  v5.10.0 and no similiar animal exists.

that's a funny name for a module, but 
cpan[2]> install inc::Module::Install 
did the trick.

unimpeded progress until this one blew up in my face:

$ psql -U postgres -d ymd_lsmb_13 -f /usr/local/ledgersmb13/sql/coa/us/chart/General.sql
psql:/usr/local/ledgersmb13/sql/coa/us/chart/General.sql:5: ERROR:  function account_heading_save("unknown", "unknown", "unknown", "unknown") does not exist
HINT:  No function matches the given name and argument types. You may need to add explicit type casts.

So I skipped for the moment loading the CoA.

Then I see the following errors when invoking this:

$ psql -U postgres -d ymd_lsmb_13 -f ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql

psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:31: ERROR:  function eca__list_notes(integer) does not exist


psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:63: ERROR:  syntax error at or near "note_id_seq" at character 23
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:63: LINE 1: GRANT ALL ON SEQUENCE note_id_seq TO "lsmb_ymd_lsmb_13__cont...
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:63:                               ^


psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1397: ERROR:  function admin__add_user_to_role(text, text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1399: ERROR:  function admin__remove_user_from_role(text, text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1401: ERROR:  function admin__add_function_to_group(text, text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1403: ERROR:  function admin__remove_function_from_group(text, text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1405: ERROR:  function admin__get_roles_for_user(integer) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1407: ERROR:  function admin__save_user(integer, integer, text, text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1409: ERROR:  function admin__create_group(text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1411: ERROR:  function admin__delete_user(text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1413: ERROR:  function admin__list_roles(text) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1415: ERROR:  function admin__delete_group(text) does not exist


psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1425: ERROR:  relation "user_listable" does not exist


psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1449: ERROR:  function user__get_all_users() does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1464: ERROR:  function voucher__delete(integer) does not exist
psql:ymd_lsmb_13_roles.sql:1467: ERROR:  function batch_delete(integer) does not exist

Next obstacle makes me wonder if I should have upgraded to pg 8.3:

psql -U postgres -d ymd_lsmb_13 -t -c "INSERT INTO entity (name, entity_class, created) VALUES ('lsmb', 3, NOW()) RETURNING name, entity_class, created;"
ERROR:  syntax error at or near "RETURNING" at character 76
LINE 1: ... entity_class, created) VALUES ('lsmb', 3, NOW()) RETURNING ...
Trying it this way:

psql -U postgres -d ymd_lsmb_13 -t -c "INSERT INTO entity (name, entity_class, created) VALUES ('lsmb', 3, NOW());"
ERROR:  null value in column "control_code" violates not-null constraint

gives me another error . . . 

And with that, it seems I may have littered my path with a few too many errors to recover from.  

I will try again on the other side of some sleep and perhaps my client's deadlines.

Hugh Esco 

if( $insurance->rationing() ) { $people->die(); }