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Re: Hardware support architecture for remote Clients

On Mon, 9 Nov 2009, Paul Wrightson wrote:

> Well, no, there is no technical reason not to use OpenVPN (and I have 
> used it before). However, there are two reasons that I use Hamachi - the 
> first is that I can have access via a laptop from anywhere without the 
> need for a static (or semi-static) IP

whence arises such a need?  I use it from my laptop all of the time, to 
automatically establish a VPN to my datacenter, and never have to change 
anything when I alter IPs via DHCP, or just plug into some foreign 

In fact, I don't think I've touched the OpenVPN configuration on that 
laptop in years. I'm using tun devices, with shared secret keys; but the 
other methods should work as well.

> and the second is so that I can 
> move my OpenVZ containers without messing around with the rest of my 
> network (the Hamachi config moves with the container).

I'm less sure about this one, but by the same logic as the above, I am not 
seeing why OpenVPN should have a problem with this.
True, there will be a delay while a new route is configured, but by 
careful adjustment to ping reset delays, you could get that down to a 
reasonable twenty seconds or so maximum, I should think.
and that's only if you can't have what ever command transfers the 
container run a shell script which sends the proper signal to OpenVPN to 
cause it to exit and reconstitute the route immediately.