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How to use Group Translations

I am using Ledgersmb version 1.2.13. I have a couple of questions pertaining to localization functionality. Under Goods & Services > Translations I have two submenus. One is "Description" and the second is "Groups". Can someone explain to me what these do, and how I may benefit from using them. Under "Groups" it appears to me that I can add a translation for my groups but when I do that I don't see any difference in my system. For example, I created a translation for my group called "Dresses". In Portuguese, the translation I specified is "Vestidos". I then login with another ID that has specified in its preferences the language to use is Portuguese. If I go to the POS form though, my group buttons still show one as "Dresses" and not "Vestidos" as I was expecting. So I am not really sure what this translation settings do. Hoping somebody can explain.

On a similar note, after setting up a new dataset specifying "Brazil_General", my Chart of Account Descriptions are in Portuguese as expected. It would be nice to have them in Portuguese for my Brazil users, and English for my U.S. (English Speaking) users. Is the only way to do this is to go in and append to the Description the English translation so that it will display both Portuguese and English when you view the Chart of Accounts? I did this for a test dataset and that works, but the Chart of Account table headings are still in Portuguese and I don't see where I can change those. Any suggestions?

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