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Re: ETA for LSMB 1.3 production?

On Fri, Jun 26, 2009 at 10:07, Michael Chinn<..hidden..> wrote:
> Greetings,
> I've noticed that there are some LSMB users now migrating to 1.3 (from

they are?

> 1.2).    Is 1.3 for testing only?

pretty much

> I noticed that 1.3 is now on "milestone 3".  At what milestone (7? 8?
> 9?) will 1.3 be considered production level?
> I have a client with a 1.2.18 install but with only about 2-dozen
> entries.  I could easily have those reentered into 1.3 if 1.3 is
> considered stable enough.

Do you not like this client?  Have you tried the software from an svn checkout?

Think of it like this:  Chris and crew are building a car -- from
scratch, pretty much.  There's a chassis, wheels and tires, and an
engine.  No body, do doors.  You'll need a box to sit at the steering
wheel.  Yeah, you can make it go (and some may), but ... do you want
to yet?

For production (clients), you always want to stick to tried and true,
in this case 1.2.18.  Let testers and early adopters find (and
hopefully iron out) the kinks (or join them if you dare -- you're most
welcome to join the -developers list).  Folks on this list (-users)
will be the first to know when 1.3.x is considered "stable" (i.e.,
most stuff works most of the time and someone will likely help when
something doesn't work for you).

Remember:  The only guarantee you'll get with GPL software is if it
breaks, you get to keep both pieces.


David A. Bandel
Focus on the dream, not the competition.
            - Nemesis Air Racing Team motto