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Re: Updated OpenBSD Install Page

Chris Bennett wrote:
I have updated my page for installing LedgerSMB on OpenBSD 4.5.
I think this page is now pretty complete from start to finish, assuming someone can handle actually getting OpenBSD installed itself!

The page is at http://www.ledgersmb.info/OpenBSD_Install.html

Overall, once I got everything pulled together, installing on OpenBSD seems pretty straightforward, but I found some issues.

sed -i doesn't work in OpenBSD
I've tried to find a tutorial that explained it, but I can't find anything that clearly explains what sed -i.orig does. Its sort of obvious what needs to happen, but substituting the current directory for WORKING_DIR won't work in Apache. What Does this script actually produce as output on another operating system?
I played around with ledgersmb-httpd.conf but I finally just gave up and just stuck a few changes directly into httpd.conf. OpenBSD's version of Apache uses suexec, so it seems preferable to go ahead and make a user/group just for ledgersmb. Of course, having a separate ||ledgersmb-httpd.conf seems preferable to me overall.
Ok, a fresh day and got everything to work in ledgersmb-httpd.conf, but not using configure_apache.sh. Only needed to make a few small changes directly in httpd.conf. Still think it is best to create a separate user/group for ledgersmb, though.

Chris Bennett