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Template1 as 'connect to'

I'm a newby with ledgersmb.

Chris stated:
When you go to the admin page, you are doing changes not just to the LSMB databases, but to PostgreSQL as a whole.
The reason you need to enter a superuser username and password is because a regular user can't do what needs to be done.
Dataset is another way of saying database.
lsmbdata is a database, ledgersmb is another database, finally you create your working data in a new database, calling it whatever you want. You can create several if you need more than one (two businesses, one to practice in, etc)
lsmbdata is another template, this one for making a ledgersmb dataset, or your usable database.
ledgersmb contains things like users, user.conf".

I created ledgersmb: I assume that it now contains only code even though I tried to create a dataset in it using the admin page? This dataset is now present but pgadmin3 shows that it has no tables. Is this because I didn't proceed to creating the Chart of Accounts? If I delete this dataset using pgadmin3, ledgersmb doesn't list it on the admin page but then says that it already exists after creating it!

I don't have a lsmbdata database according to pgadmin3. Since it is a template, I don't see it in pgadmin3?
Now for the reason why I didn't want to connect to template1. I'm wary of connecting to template1 because I have an adempiere database. Will this database be affected by ledgersmb's workings?