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Re: install documentation

On Fri, 10 Apr 2009 11:33:13 -0500, James Stevens wrote:

> We are looking at moving our small consulting business to SQL-ledger or
> SMB-ledger and thought it a good idea to load both in a sandbox for
> review. > We got SQL ledger loaded and login fine etc..
> The INSTALL doc for SMB ledger (Within the tar file)is a-bit confusing
> when creating different roles for different reason...??
> Is there another document that may help iron out my problems..I'm alost
> sure its an issue with the roles or accounts if not the pg_hba.conf
> which was never addressed within the document.
> Could anyone point me to other Install document that may help?

Are you using ledgersmb-1.2.18? That procedure suggests one ledgersmb
PostgreSQL user/role for both the dataset ownership and DBD::Pg connection.

The INSTALL for the development version (trunk a.k.a. 1.3) uses roles far
more extensively, and carries more potential for confusion (at this point
in development)

If you can describe the access probem specifics, we can help diagnose.