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Re: sql-ledger backup

On 04/07/09 15:42, Chris Travers wrote:
Restore your backup into a new db.  Do not create it in LSMB first.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers

I would love to get into LSMB I have it installed already, maybe not the current one but I do plan on switching, My problem is I'm using SQL-Ledger-2.2.7 and in order to make a moth switching I need to upgrade first to 2.4.-someting. I'm not that good in those upgrades, and if something will not go smooth and it will show up a month or two late I'm in trouble. So, I need to get some help in transition. Another problem, I have is that my inventory (pricing only) in in USD and my accounting is in CAD and that is the reason I never switched to 2.4.version.