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LSMB, schemas, non-local database ... YES!!!

I was able to get LSMB 1.2.17 working with the dataset being in a schema besides public.

The problems I was having were more 'pebkac' than something LSMB or Pg.

This method requires the dataset be set up from the command line -- bash and psql. You _can not_ use the Web interface to create datasets.

This was done with CentOS 5.2 guests on a Linux-Vserver.

I will be putting some instructions together and doing some more testing if there is any interest.

One additional point. I found, at least for me, an error in in the RPM. The file /etc/httpd/conf.d/ledgersmb.conf did not have the correct paths. I modified the .spec file, rebuilt the RPM and all was fine.