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Re: Importing invoices

Jeff Kowalczyk's suggestion about diff'ing pgdump output has proven
useful to understanding enough of LedgerSMB to make possible as much of
LedgerSMB::API exists so far.  I'm working on posting sales invoices
and payments next, but several methods are already working.  

Instead of reproducing the database interactions of the application,
our approach has been to document how to call LedgerSMB's methods
directly and programatically and without charging the gates with
WWW::Mechanize interactions from the browser interface.  This lets
LedgerSMB worry about data integrity so the user can focus solely on
posting transactions.

The intention is to form a basis for a LedgerSMB::API::ZenCart and for
other modules to help directly integrate these applications.  Your help
would be appreciated.  And I think you'd find it an easier path.

You may get your copy using your cpan> prompt, or download it from the
sourceforge or CPAN websites at these links:


And an announcement about the Caveat Emptor release, at:

-- Hugh Esco

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> Date: Tue, 24 Feb 2009 11:20:05 -0800
> From: Bao Ha <..hidden..>
> Subject: [Ledger-smb-users] Importing invoices
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> Hello,
> I would like to use ledgersmb for an existing business.
> The first step is to import AR account. How do I import invoices into
> ledgersmb? I think I have to import customer information into the
> customer table first. Then, import invoices into the invoice table.
> The invoices are based on orders from ZenCart. Perhaps, it is easier
> to dump the tables from ZenCart to a correct format, then import them
> back to Postgres.
> I know enough sql to move things around. But, I am still trying to
> figure out the table structures in ledgersmb, and how they are
> related.
> Appreciate any helps or sugesstions.
> Bao
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> Best Regards.
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