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Re: Fold marks on invoice

On Fri, Jan 30, 2009 at 9:19 AM, Del Miller <..hidden..> wrote:
> Is anyone out there using some sort of fold marks on the LaTex Invoice
> document?

I don't know.  Ihaven't done this.

> It's a little thing but it'd be nice to have a fixed-on-the-page mark
> (1/3 the way down the page) that allows me to fold my invoices
> consistently for mailing.  It's also be nice to have the body of the
> invoice start below said mark.   I've searched high and low through all
> kinds of LaTex tutorials/sites and can't seem to come away with a clean
> answer as to how to get this done -- perhaps I'm not looking for the
> correct terminology.

Look at the textpos package.  It allows absolute text positioning.
(within the body of the text).  That is the direction the check
templates are going.