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Re: 1.1.12 to 1.2.13 upgrade path

2008. 03. 27, csÃtÃrtÃk keltezÃssel 09.17-kor M Lubratt ezt Ãrta:
> Does anyone have a suggestion on upgrade path to 1.2.13 from 1.1.12?
> Can I do it all at once (just drop in 1.2.13)?  Or, do I have to
> incrementally update my schemas (I'm currently running about 5
> different accounting schemas)?
> Thanks!
> Mark


1st: backup everything (files, database)
2nd: overwrite the old files with the new files (take care of the
configuration file -> restore back your working configuration file)
3rd: upgrade postgresql if you need, follow its manual
4th: check permissions
5th: check the database
6th: if something goes wrong, I'm sorry :)

AFAIK 1.2.X does not change the database schema.


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