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Re: AR issues

On 7/7/07, Michael Schultheiss <..hidden..> wrote:
I've been using LedgerSMB 1.2.5 for a while and just noticed an issues
with AR.

I just posted payments to two invoices via the Cash Receipt menu.  Now,
when I run an AR Outstanding report, those invoices are still listed,
even though they were paid in full.  For those invoices, their amounts
in the Total column are blank and the Paid column shows the payments.
If I click on the invoice numbers, I'm taken to "Edit AR Transaction"
rather than "Edit Sales Invoice" like I would expect.  If I click on
invoice numbers for invoices that don't yet have payments posted, I'm
taken to "Edit Sales Invoice" like I'd expect.

I just upgraded to 1.2.6 to see if it fixed this issue and I'm still
having the same problem.

I think I just helped someone with a similar problem today.  Have you
ever closed the books in the base (either with SQL-Ledger or

If so, you can either grab the latest Form from svn branches/1.2 or
clear the closed to flag.

If these do not resolve the issue, please let me know.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers