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Re: Do you use LedgerSMB

Chris Travers wrote, On 06/08/2007 12:26 AM:
I do use it for my accounting.  There is an entry in the faq about
getting it to work with SELinux, and you can also set it to permissive
while you resolve the problems.

I'll have to try and install LedgerSMB again though. I tried it on my Fedora 6 box and it wouldn't work. I think that the SELinux thingy is mainly the problem.

The RPM does not work with SELinux in enforcing mode - and says so. I have not been able to find any faq entry discussing this.

SELinux (and to some extent FHS) clearly separates "being writable through the web" and "being executable through the web". LedgerSMB by (inherited) design unfortunately conflicts with this principle. That's one reason to why I wouldn't expose LedgerSMB urls to untrusted users. That you has to disable SELinux could be another.