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Re: LaTeX templates

On 15 May 2007, at 17:36, Giedrius wrote:
I would like to change a LaTeX template for invoices.
- the price of the goods without the tax was displayed in a column
- the sum of the goods in line without the tax was displayed in a
column "Extended";

Desirable printed output of invoice:
Pos Number Description Qty Price Disc\% Extended(Amount)
1     0001      Bread          10   $2      10%    $18.00
2     0002      Butter           5    $7                 $35.00
3     0003      Milk             2    $4       5%       $7.60

I don't think this is easily possible.

If you examine invoice.tex you'll see that items' price & (price x quantity) are displayed using the <?lsmb sellprice ?> and <?lsmb linetotal ?> variables.

I'm not VAT-registered myself, so I'm not sure off the top of my head whether these include tax or not, but I don't believe there's an alternative (tax inclusive or exclusive, whichever) version.

Unless I'm mistaken in this belief, displaying the columns as you desire would require using LaTeX's maths functions to recalculate or reverse-calculate the figures with or without tax - this is quite clumsy, as you'd effectively be doing so _outside_ of Ledger-SMB.

If I'm correct in my understanding of the the <?lsmb sellprice ?> and <?lsmb linetotal ?> variables you'd be best off revising your requirements if at all possible and submitting a feature request for tax inclusive / exclusive alternatives.