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Re: The right values for fields in chart table


Just out of interest, are you using labels/names with characters not in the bottom part of the ACSII chart? Maybe it shows me for the dinosaur I am (although I did at least escape FORTAN/COBOL :-) but I do recall that causing problems in quite a lot of code in the early days of programming, and your language does have a number of very interesting looking characters (it's not as challenging as Thai, though, at least you still use spaces between the words :-).

As a theory it may be worth taking out characters that are above ASCII 128 and see if it then works - you may have discovered an internationalisation (i8n) bug. It could be one of those weird gotchas that sometimes lurk in code, such as the Geeklog CMS inability to have the word "python" in a subject..

Just my 2 cents..

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