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Re: COGS and part setup


Just to confirm:
To make a retroactive vendor invoice, I populate it with the necessary parts and I put in a date prior to when the first order was ordered, correct?

Will it go in and backfill the costs of goods on those orders that did not have the cost of goods previously? We've been manually adjusting cost of goods so that the books stay balanced, ever since we discovered the issue.


Chris Travers wrote:
COGS is tracked on a FIFO model.  puts items you purchase into a queue
and then allocates them as you sell them.  This can be retroactive.

Most likely, you are selling a part before adding a vendor invoice to
it.  Once the vendor invoice is added, COGS should appear :-)

On 3/30/07, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:

I have a question about cost of goods and setting up parts in LSMB.


One of those glitches is that, when we view the journal, cost of goods
is not always populated and I'm having a devil of a time tracking it
down.  So, when setting up a part, what is necessary in terms of making
sure cost of goods is populated?  I thought it was "Last Cost" but,
having filled that in with the appropriate cost, it still isn't
populating the journal on certain products.

Any ideas on where to begin looking would be much appreciated.