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Re: How does one transition from SQL-Ledger 2.6.26 to LedgerSMB?

Hi Trevor;

SQL-Ledger to LedgerSMB is a fairly straight-forward move.  Moving to
1.1.x is usually as simple as any SQL-Ledger upgrade.  Basically,
until 1.2, the databases are all versioned using the same semantics as
SQL-Ledger.  So for 1.1.x you should be able to just untar over the
top and log in.

Unfortunately, it isn't always that simple though.  We have
significantly tightened restrictions on data integrity and so
occasionally (esp. when people don't have AR/AP accounts) they run
into problems.  The biggest changes prior to 1.2 are:
1)  NOT NULL constraint added to acc_trans.chart_id
2)  Move from FLOAT's to NUMERICs for financial quantity storage.

Also, if you have custom views for financial data, these may need to
be dropped before the upgrade due to data type issues.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 3/20/07, Trevor Christensen <..hidden..> wrote:
I would like to move from SQL-Ledger to LedgerSMB but . . . how do I transfer my existing data?  I suppose if I knew what the database structure/design changes are, I could manually make my existing database compliant with LedgerSMB.
Trevor J. Christensen

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