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Re: The basics

I have been using SQL-Ledger (transitioning to LedgerSMB) to look after the books of a local running club + it's two major races (set up as separate departments), over the past several years.

Similar to your programme of ski lessons, we offer an annual slate of running clinics. We also have three classes of general membership (plus we allow folks to purchase multi-year memberships). For our family memberships, we only register one customer - the parent who purchased the membership. If any of the family members signup for a clinic (or purchase club gear), then they will become a customer at that time.

We have setup out memberships and clinics as "services" - though this year our marathon clinic has been set-up as an assembly which includes a club membership (service) and a technical running 'T' {itself an assembly of the shirt + the vendor service of screening a logo upon it}.

Likewise, Race entry fees have been "services" in the past, but this year I am planning on using an "assembly" which will include the race schwag (a shirt) and the pre-race pasta dinner.

If I can be of more help, let me know ... I would also be interested in assisting with your 'case-study' so that the documentation would contain a non-profit example.


On 17-Mar-2007, at 16:31, Geoff Wright wrote:
A typical transaction for the club:

	There is a family of four (Mom, Dad, Son, Daughter).  The family
purchases a "Family" membership ($100).  The family also purchases
"Bunnyrabbit" classes for Son ($30) and "Jackrabbit" classes for
Daughter ($40).  Mom joins the "Masters" program ($50).

What is the correct way of setting this transaction up?

	1. Add customer - should I add each member of the family separately
or should I enter it as one single family unit? We tend to think
about a family as one unit because the parents often pay for their
children. There can also be multiple transactions over the course of
the year as a child could be involved in other activities from time
to time.

	3. What are our products?  The memberships and classes are our
"products".  Should I set these up as "Services" in ledgerSMB?

Thanks in advance.  Would there be interest if I wrote this up as a
"Case Study" to be included in the documentation?  Perhaps as a
complement to the example, "Retail with Light Manufacturing".

(I realize that this request is going above and beyond the call and
would be interested in hiring a consultant to help us set up our
accounts and processes correctly ... if the price is not too high = ~
$200. Please contact me if you have the time to help us out.)

Cheers. And I just want to say that you have all done an amazing job
on this program (as have the folks over at sql-ledger prior to the
port)! I trully respect the job that you have done so far!


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