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Re: Ugh...deleting a Vendor Invoice

Trying to delete or correct and "repost" an invoice, and found this in the manual:

"6.4.1 Correcting an AP Invoice
If an invoice is entered improperly, the methods used to correct it will vary depending on whether transaction reversal is enforced or not. If transaction reversal is not enforced, one can simply correct the invoice or transaction and repost. Note, however, that this violates generally accepted accounting principles.
If transaction reversal is in effect, one needs to create a duplicate invoice with exactly opposite values entered. If one part was listed as received, then one should enter a negative one for the quantity. Then one can enter the invoice number as the same as the old one. Add an R to the end to show that it is a reversing transaction. Once this is posted, one can enter the invoice correctly."

but there is no mention of how to actually do a "repost."

All I see on my buttons is "Post as New" which then duplicates it modified in the system.

Any ideas?

- Matt

On 3/15/07, Matt Jackson <..hidden..> wrote:
I cannot seem to find how to delete a Vendor invoice...I have turned off audit controls, but just am not able to find anywhere to do this. I don't want to have to fool with a reversal.

Can anyone advise on how to do this? For some reason I am not finding explicit instructions in the manual for this.