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Re: Login problems

Hi Matt,

I have seen this happen a few times in the past.  There are a few
things that can cause this problem, but the most frequent is a
database permission issue.  Make sure that the database user you are
connecting as has access to the session, session_session_id_seq,
users, users_id_seq, users_conf.  The user will need all privileges on
these tables.

This can happen when you create the central database with a superuser
but try to connect with a normal user in PostgreSQL.

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers

On 3/2/07, Matt Jackson <..hidden..> wrote:
Hello, all.

Excited to be part of the LedgerSMB community now, I am very
interested in learning this system so I can contribute to
documentation on how to use LedgerSMB in a web-based business/retail

I have a business-degree background with a functional knowledge of
double-entry accounting.

I have started a small online clothing business, but I the business is
not able to afford the $190 for the SQL-Ledger manual, which I still
feel would probably be very helpful even using LedgerSMB.

In any event, I have successfully installed Version 1.2.0 Release
Candidate 1 on my Ubuntu Edgy machine, but I am having a hard time
logging in, getting the "Access Denied!" message when I type "admin"
in on the admin.pl page. "admin" was the password I set on the
md5("admin") step on the Ubuntu LedgerSMB tutorial I found:


Any advice?

Matt J.

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