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Re: Invoice/Inventory/Credit confusion

Charley Tiggs wrote:
> I think I've confused myself with regards to how to handle inventory in 
> the event of a customer wanting to exchange an item.  Here's the scenario:
> Item is accepted for return, an invoice is created and qty is marked as 
> negative so that item is returned to inventory.  When I go to the 
> Cash->Receipts screen for that order, the invoice shows up as something 
> that needs to be paid with a negative dollar amount.  So, what'd I do 
> wrong?  The customer should have a credit against the original invoice 
> and all I want to do is make sure that user has "store credit" that they 
> can then apply to the item they have requested in exchange.

Negative cash makes complete sense.  The sign just shows the direction
the cash is moving in

Try this:

- Create a refund invoice where you use -1 for the quantity and the
correct price
- Create a new invoice for the replacement item, positive amounts
- Now go to cash receipt and tick both invoices - notice that the
amounts all balance out and only the net amount remains as the
outstanding (if the replacement is cheaper then you are receiving a
negative amount, ie refunding the customer, if positive then the
customer owes you a little more)

Make sense?

Ed W