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Re: Migration from Sage Line 50

I don't have any experience with Sage Line 50.

With unknown programs my pointer are to find out:
1)  How much data can you get out?
2)  What database system does it use on the back-end?
3)  If you cant export data, are there other means (i.e. custom ODBC
drivers) that can access the info?

If you can get that information, you are about 50% of the way there.

A few pointers about such migrations I have found helpful:
1)  Import into holding tables that match the existing schema of your
old application first.  This gives you a backup in case you need to
re-import the data in order to get it right.
2)  If you need a quick guide to the current (1.1/1.2) db schema, I
can write one up really fast for you and post it to thi list.

3)  If you get stuck in specific areas, we may be able to be of more help

Best Wishes,
CHris Travers
On 2/5/07, George James <..hidden..> wrote:

We got Ledger-SMB installed and ready to go.

We've been using Sage Line 50 up to now and I'm wondering if there is an
idiots guide to migrating to Ledger-SMB from Sage.

If not, can anyone provide any pointers on what to do?

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