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Re: debian packages for ubuntu and offline installations

1.2 betas are coming out in debian packages but they are not fully
stable yet.  I think it depends on other debian packages as well.

We have RPMs as well.

Of course you still need Perl, PostgreSQL, Apache, and a number of
Perl modules as well.

Best Wishes,
CHris Travers

On 1/20/07, GOvvin <..hidden..> wrote:
Hi everyone. I just found out about sql-ledger, and eventually, this
project. Judging from what I read, I think I'll take this route instead.

I would like to try out this application but my problem is that the other
computer where I would like it installed doesn't have an internet
connection. I am using Ubuntu and would like to know if there is there a
single DEB package out there which I could install?

Or, what strategy would you recommend for an offline installation?


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