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Re: Install problem

Ok.  One of the things about this is that you also have to create your
users database and you have to set the admin password.  In the db that
GlobalDBH is pointing to (the one you set up before), you want
toimport the sql/Pg-centra.sql (i.e \i sql/Pg-central.sql).  Then you
need to update the admin password:

Since you haven't imported users yet, this is pretty simple (there
should only be one user account in the db):

update users_conf set password = md5('my secret admin password');

Or if you have already imported users:
update users.conf set password = md5('my secret admin password')
WHERE id = (select id FROM users WHERE username = 'admin';

Best WIshes,
Chris Travers

On 11/30/06, Bruce Hohl <..hidden..> wrote:
So I am I little bit further.  Now I can get to the
admin logon screen but access is denied.  My install
procedure is below can anyone tell me where I went
wrong?  (I am stuck at step 7.) And, should I be using
ledgersmb or ledger-smb?  Thanks for any help.

Install of Ledger-SMB on Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.1

1- Used Synaptic to install following and
    Apache2 2.0.55

    PostgreSQL 8.1.4
    wwwconfig-common 0.0.44

    Perl 5.8.7
    libdbd-pq-perl 1.43
    libdbi-perl 1.50
    libmime-lite-perl 3.01
    libmodule-build-perl 0.26
    libhtml-parser-perl 3.48
    libversion-perl 0.52

2- Download from:
    http://packages.ubuntulinux.org/edgy/perl/ \

    move to /opt/ledgersmb
    # mkdir /opt/ledger-smb
    # mv

3- Download deb from:
    http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php? \


   move to /opt and extract:
    # mv ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs.tar.gz /opt
    # tar -zxvf ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs.tar.gz
    # mv /opt/ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs/* /opt/ledgersmb
    # rmdir /opt/ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs

4- install packages with dselect:
    # dselect
    [1] Access
        Mounted File System
        Q1 - none
        Q2 - /opt/ledgersmb
        Q3 - scan
        Answer none to final four questions

    [2] Update

    [3] Select
        Use + to select package(s)

    [4] Install

    [5] Quit

5- edit /etc/ledger-smb/ledger-smb.conf
   change made as follows:
   set "latex :"
   set "DBPassword = admin"

6- Create PostgreSQL user:
    # su postgres
    $ createuser -P ledgersmb
    password = admin
    superuser = y

    Create PostgrSQL database:
    $ createlang plpgsql template1
    $ createdb -U ledgersmb ledgersmb

    Set DB access:
    local   all   all                   trust
    host    all   all    trust

7- http://localhost/ledger-smb/admin.pl

   Stopped here with error:
   "Access Denied"


   Select "Database Administration" link.
   User = ledger-smb

   The "Create Dataset" link queries the server for
   datasets and displays them in a table.
   Enter a name for the new dataset (use lowercase
letters only),
   select a Chart of Accounts,
   click Continue.

   Only datasets created by Ledger-SMB can be managed
by this

8- http://localhost/ledger-smb/login.pl
   Click "Add User"
   In the "Database" section select the driver
   and enter the user "ledger-smb"

9- http://localhost/ledger-smb/login.pl

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