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Install question

Firstly, thanks for the deb package.  I have installed
as follows to the point where I got the following
error when attempting to connect to
"Error! No GlobalDBH Configured or Could not Connect"

Can anyone help me please?

How I installed Ledger-SMB on Ubuntu Dapper 6.06.1: 

1- Used Synaptic to install following and
    Apache2 2.0.55
    PostgreSQL 8.1.4
    wwwconfig-common 0.0.44
    Perl 5.8.7
    libdbd-pq-perl 1.43
    libdbi-perl 1.50
    libmime-lite-perl 3.01
    libmodule-build-perl 0.26
    libhtml-parser-perl 3.48
    libversion-perl 0.52

2- Download from:
    http://packages.ubuntulinux.org/edgy/perl/ \ 

    move to /opt/ledgersmb
    # mkdir /opt/ledger-smb
    # mv

3- Download from:
    http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php? \

   move to /opt and extract:
    # mv ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs.tar.gz /opt
    # tar -zxvf ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs.tar.gz
    # mv /opt/ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs/* /opt/ledgersmb
    # rmdir /opt/ledgersmb-1.1.99b3-debs

4- install packages with dselect:
    # dselect
    [1] Access
        Mounted File System
        Q1 - none
        Q2 - /opt/ledgersmb
        Q3 - scan
        Answer none to final four questions

    [2] Update

    [3] Select
        Use + to select package(s)

    [4] Install

    [5] Quit

5- edit /etc/ledger-smb/ledger-smb.conf
   change made as follows:
   set "latex :"
   set "DBPassword ="

6- # su postgres
   $ createuser -d ledger-smb
   Shall the new role be a superuser? (y/n) y
   $ createlang plpgsql template1

7- http://localhost/ledger-smb/admin.pl
   Stopped here with error:
   "Error! No GlobalDBH Configured or Could not
   Select "Database Administration" link.
   User = ledger-smb

   The "Create Dataset" link queries the server for
   datasets and displays them in a table.  
   Enter a name for the new dataset (use lowercase
letters only), 
   select a Chart of Accounts, 
   click Continue.  
   Only datasets created by Ledger-SMB can be managed
by this

8- http://localhost/ledger-smb/login.pl
   Click "Add User"
   In the "Database" section select the driver
   and enter the user "ledger-smb"

9- http://localhost/ledger-smb/login.pl

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