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Re: Upgrade error

Does the same id occur in any single table, for example, if in the
GROUP BY clause of the subquery, if you add table_name to the list of
columns, do you still get any output?

On 11/12/06, G. Net <..hidden..> wrote:
sorry... I seem to have hit ctrl+something typing the last mail and yahoo kindly sent it before I'd finished, but anyway...

they're split across 4 tables: parts, partsgroup, employee and chart.
All seem to be early transactions

> Eeek....
> Ok, before you do anything else, do:
> select setval('id', (select max(id) + 1 FROM transactions);

returns 31459

> THen, you can send me a summary (off-list if you prefer) of the
> duplicate data so we can try to get this sorted out.

which bits do you want?

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