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Re: Can sales orders affect inventory?

I little more info....

You can use the "shipping" interface.  This deducts from on-hand
numbers but does not invoice.  Then you can convert the shipped
portion of the order to an invoice.

Best Wishes,
Chris Traver

On 11/11/06, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
Items are deducted from the inventory when shipped.

On 11/11/06, Charley Tiggs <..hidden..> wrote:
> Howdy gents!
> The client I'm working with has a model where sale orders are placed but
> payment is not necessarily verified at the time that the sale takes
> place.  It could be as many as three days before payment is verified.
> Once payment is verified, an invoice is created.
> For the client, this means that inventory needs to be committed at the
> time the sales order is created instead of waiting for the sales invoice
> to affect inventory.  Is this possible?
> Charley
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