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Entering my first donation


First, I wanted to say that after a long talk with our accountant, we will 
be setting up the configuration as follows:
SPI member organizations == CoA entires (e.g. 1210-PG: Individual 
Donations: PostgreSQL)
Specific events and campaigns: Projects (e.g. PGSummit: PostgreSQL 
Anniversary Summit) 

So I'm finally tinkering around with bringing the accounts up to date using 
LedgerSMB.   And I'm having a LOT of trouble.

I simply can't find any screen in ledgerSMB which would be equivalent to 
adding a donation, given that we would have to split the donation between 
more than one CoA and/or between projects frequently.

AR: Transaction only allows me to enter one CoA and project for the total 
Sales Invoice records multiple line-items, but does not allow designating a 
specific account or project.  

Take for example this donation: the Open Technology Group gives us $1000 
for the PostgreSQL Anniversary Summit, which is a Silver sponsorship.  I 
want to take in the $1000, and as a single transaction put in:
$950 as Individual Donations: PostgreSQL / PGSummit
$50 as Individual Donations: SPI / Overhead

Some donations could be split even more ways:

$15 to PostgreSQL
$25 to Debian
$5 to SPI

I can't see any way to do that except by creating two (or more) completely 
separate transactions.  Help?


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco