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Ledger walkthrough

Hi Chris,

I have been using SQL-Ledger to generate invoices, etc. but due to me
not fully understanding the system (IANAA), have completely messed up my
accounts with repeat invoicing and the like. Also, all my invoices
appear to have been paid when several of them are outstanding, so I've
obviously stuffed up something....

Would it be possible to have a little walkthrough in your PDF manual
explaining how to set up SQL-Ledger?

For example, I buy an airfare online to visit a client's site, how do I
set up the vendor, the payment, the expenses and the hours? And also the
billing procedure?

Also, although there is no payroll module currently, a timesheet module
and accumulated hours section in HR

The lack of payroll functionality is not a problem for me because I
outsource this potentially volatile facet to professionals! However,
being able to give them a breakdown of hours for each employee would be
useful. I would have added this to the features request of the
Sourceforge, but couldn't see anywhere to input it.

Dave Coventry
Tel:  +27(0)31 3092301
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Cell: +27(0)82 3685983