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Re: How to handle periodic cash reciepts vs. non-periodic accounts payable?

My stab at the answer:

On Mon, 2006-09-25 at 21:53 -0400, Richard Ellis wrote:

> Then, for the first of the month, I went to AR->Add transaction,
> picked the appropriate customer in the customer box, filled in the
> date and due date, entered the amount, picked the proper property
> rent account, and posted the transaction, without entering anything
> in the "payments" boxes.

> Next, for a bi-weekly cash reciept, I'd go to Cash->Receipt, pick the
> customer, hit update to pull up the list of outstanding AR entries,
> and apply the full amount of the reciept to the oldest outstanding
> invoice entry.

> This appeared to work fine until I reached the point that the next
> bi-weekly payment was more than the remaining unpaid balance in an
> invoice entry.  This would be where I would get to the "overpay"
> situation.  I'd apply the full amount of the bi-weekly payment, and
> end up with an AR transaction with a negative amount due.
Incorrect. The payment needs to be broken into 2: full payment of the
amount outstanding, plus a prepayment.

> So, how do you create 0.00 reciepts, since I've clearly not seen the
> way yet.
Umm, dont even go there. Someone should hopefully tell you how to handle
prepayments. have you looked in the manual?