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[ledgersmb-devel] PGObject-Util-DBAdmin-1.0.3 testing problems with PostgreSQL
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[ledgersmb-devel] PGObject-Util-DBAdmin-1.0.3 testing problems with PostgreSQL


I'm testing with PostgreSQL, but it does not pass as-is.

t/var directory is missing. If I manually create it, it works.

Second, the password for user postgres is missing in 01.1-dbtests.t
on line 19 where it is set as undef.
the same within 01.2-backup_globals.t on line 21.

If I create var and put in the password for postgres (default user in
OpenBSD), then everything passes.

The two requests for a password from 02-dbexceptions.t work with or
without a real password. That would mean needing to run the testing
interactively, also. That is OK, but I would prefer to put that in to
make everything happen non-interactively. I can dig into the code to
fidure out where to add this to the tests.

Is this an existing problem that needs to be patched? Either at my end
or in LedgerSMB?

OpenBSD always runs tests within an infrastructure and never directly
with the perl testing.

I'll submit this to ports, but I still need to deal with doing this the
best way first.

Chris Bennett

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