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[ledgersmb-devel] [ATTN] Javascript build procedure changed on master
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[ledgersmb-devel] [ATTN] Javascript build procedure changed on master


Here's a heads-up for everybody who tracks the master branch. Last night we merged the "webpack" branch. This branch changes how our _javascript_ is being created.

To convert to the new method, please run these commands in the root of your working directory:

 $ rm -rf ./UI/js-src/{dojo,dijit,util}
 $ make dojo

Or, if you run your development in a docker container:

 $ rm -rf ./UI/js-src/{dojo,dijit,util}
 $ docker exec -ti <container_name> make dojo

The procedure to build our _javascript_ has switched from using Dojo Toolkit's "util" package to using "webpack" for the building process. The process has been extended to implement quality controls for _javascript_, html, css and markdown to the generation process.

All in all should this switch allow us to integrate better with _javascript_ front-end development as it's done today. Not unimportant: we'll be able to leverage React or Vue to build our front-end!



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