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[ledgersmb-devel] Re: LaTeX::Encode versus TeX::Encode
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[ledgersmb-devel] Re: LaTeX::Encode versus TeX::Encode

On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 07:20:44PM +0200, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi Chris,
> Template::Plugin::Latex has an encoding routine which we're *not* using to
> encode data before being passed to (Xe)LaTeX.
> We're contemplating simplifying places in our codebase and one of the
> changes would be to use the built-in latex_encode. Do you have any
> recollection with respect to the choice for TeX::Encode and whether we
> should be fine to move to "latex_encode" all these years later?

I don't see any problems. Right now I'm waiting for ports lock to pass.
Then I will push in new stuff. Just let me know once a decision is made
and I will make that reflect what needs to go in.

We just traveled permanently from Washington state back to Texas, so I'm
a little out of touch with the ports mailing list (next list I'm going
to check).

Ports lock is done to stabilize everything in order to release 6.7

Simplifying is usually a good idea. :-}

I'll ping what I have already submitted and send in more modules once
things are unlocked.


Chris Bennett

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