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[ledgersmb-devel] Porting into OpenBSD
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[ledgersmb-devel] Porting into OpenBSD

I've submitted a number of the Perl ports for OpenBSD.
Most have an OK. New imports require a second OK.
At some point that will happen.

I also submitted an issue with some suggested description improvements
to the author of Plack::Request::WithEncoding. He liked my suggestions
and that module is now at v13. There are some other dependency changes,
too, which might need to be addressed for building. Or maybe not
Those building changes from Module::Build to Module::Build::Tiny have
now led me down the road to properly understnading those modules, so
that's going to take up a little of my time. Time that's probably well
I'll keep submitting new modules. I doubt that I'll get everything in
for this upcoming -release (OK, I'm sure I won't), but probably will get
things into -current after -release.

I'm having fun so far. I hope that everyone is doing OK right now.

Chris Bennett

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