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[ledgersmb-devel] Some questions about the PGObject modules
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[ledgersmb-devel] Some questions about the PGObject modules

I've been working on and submitting ports, but there has been
port-a-thons and hackathons right as I submit stuff. I took a long
holiday this year as it rained and snowed almost non-stop.
I also got delayed by my laptop having some kind of problem.
I couldn't fix it, but it works fine with an older version of OpenBSD
and I'm just running -current on my servers and doing this work there.

I submitted PGObject a while back. Someone had to update the
postgresql database test module for the testing to work.

Then I realized looking closer that it does the same thing I do, it gets
$dbh from elsewhere.
I'm looking over the rest of these modules, but so far I am seeing
mostly the same.
Except for DBAdmin. So far running the database tests for that one are
failing, including from the actual Perl build.
I'm not sure that I am doing the tests properly. I'm going to ask and
look at other ports in OpenBSD to see if I'm doing the tests correctly.
We never directly use the Perl build for testing. We have a PostgreSQL
testing module for that.

I just saw mention of PGObject in github email.
What does that mean?
I haven't had a chance to look in the LedgerSMB code at the spots where
those modules are being used.

Otherwise, I've done a lot of work getting the modules ready. Submitted
some and I've got several more ready to submit. 

I do have one problem. Several of the modules don't have DESCRIPTIONS.
I already have one Plack that I have been asked to give a better
description before it can be accepted (the encoding one).
Also, the various PGObject-* are really bad on that. Is there any way to
come up with something more official for the group? Perhaps like an
overall description for the group with a detail for how each one fits
into the group?

Maybe something like:

The PGObject set does ...
and this module carries out the ...

That would be extremely helpful. Once in the ports tree, no problems.

Chris Bennett

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