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[ledgersmb-devel] PGObject and PGObject::Simple
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[ledgersmb-devel] PGObject and PGObject::Simple

apart from these, I've started quite a few other modules too.

One problem I'm seeing is that, using OpenBSD's PostgreSQL testing
module (which I'm only just now getting aquainted with) is that I'm
having to patch the tests for get past the skip_all. They pass the tests
just fine, except that they both try to drop the test database while
it's still open.

I'll ask about this on the OpenBSD mailling list. I may be doing
something wrong. I want to be sure and test everything with the
database. Kind of important. :-}

Is there a kink in the test programs or am I just doing something wrong?
I can just patch things on the OpenBSD side, which is pretty commonly
needed. That's not a problem.

I'll get back. Been working on things in spurts. Many modules started.
Now I'm working on finishing up on them one by one.

Chris Bennett

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