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[ledgersmb-devel] MC branch merged
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[ledgersmb-devel] MC branch merged


After discussion on the LedgerSMB chat channel, it's been decided to merge the 'master-mc' branch. This means the MC changes will be in 1.7. Additionally, it means that quite extensive schema changes have landed on the 'master' branch. We're testing those changes with real-life databases to ensure good user experience upon release. We'd appreciate it if others want to join testing efforts of the 'master' branch and the new MC functionality.

The current Changelog description of the merge is:

Improved foreign currency support
* Multiple rates per day per currency; from a single rate (Erik H)
  - Reversing a transaction from a closed-period on a day with different rate
  - Bank transfers with different banks on the same day with bank's fx rate
* Multiple currencies in a single general ledger transaction (Erik H)
  - Posting an opening balance with all currencies in 1 transaction
  - Transferring between foreign currencies on e.g. Paypal in 1 transaction
* Fixed copying of invoice copies fx rate without option to change (Erik H)
* UI showing foreign and default currency amounts in transactions (Erik H)



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