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[ledgersmb-devel] Release of ledgersmb-1.5 v1.5.24-1
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[ledgersmb-devel] Release of ledgersmb-1.5 v1.5.24-1

  An initial version of the debian ledgersmb-1.5 package for version
1.5.24-1 has been released and uploaded to our apt package repository
for 'main' in stretch[1].
  It has also been uploaded to our PPA[2], for 'cosmic' (v18.10) as
well as 'xenial (v16.04 LTS) and 'bionic (v18.04 LTS). (The Debian
source packages are available as well.)

  The packages at both our apt package repository and our PPA:

Only the main 'ledgersmb-1.5' package is required;  the others are
related to which web proxy you might want to use and you only need one
of them.
Note also that 1.5.x release series will be supported up through
December of 2019.

Robert J. Clay
..hidden.., ..hidden..
GPG ID: 2448 3AE0 874D 8696 6DCD ECF4 198C AB6F 43B7 EA9A.

[1] https://apt.ledgersmb.org/
[2] https://launchpad.net/~ledgersmb/+archive/ubuntu/main/+packages
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