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[ledgersmb-devel] Bug#903744: Update ledgersmb package to 1.6.x series
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[ledgersmb-devel] Bug#903744: Update ledgersmb package to 1.6.x series

Package: ledgersmb
Severity: wishlist
Owner: Robert James Clay <..hidden..>
Found: 1.5.21-1

The current version of the LedgerSMB application in Debian is version
1.5.21 and the 1.5.x series was originally released 24 December 2016.
Version 1.6.0 for the LedgerSMB application was released on 10 June
2018 and the most recent version of the 1.6.x series is version 1.6.2
which was released on 23 June 2018.

Update the ledgersmb package in Debian to the 1.6.x version series of
the application.

Robert J. Clay
..hidden.., ..hidden..
GPG ID: 2448 3AE0 874D 8696 6DCD ECF4 198C AB6F 43B7 EA9A
Robert J. Clay
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