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[ledgersmb-devel] Dojo first for OpenBSD support LSMB Any Dojo comments?
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[ledgersmb-devel] Dojo first for OpenBSD support LSMB Any Dojo comments?

Right now I am recovering from the flu, so I'm still a little wiped out!

I see that my first step ought to be Dojo.
I've briefly glanced at the source.
Anything I should be aware of for importing it?

I was starting getting sick as I looked over everything real quickly and
definitely with a lack of clarity from being sick. I'm going to look
again in more depth at everything as best as I can. The dual licenses
were certainly peculiar, but no problem since it was the BSD or the
other one.

I just thought I'd ask ahead of time if I would need any tips.
I don't speak JavaScript, so couldn't hurt to ask.
Plus, it's nice to let everyone know that I'm actually trying to get
things going again with OpenBSD.

Chris Bennett

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