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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Year overview 2017
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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Year overview 2017

Happy new year!

Hopefully this message goes through OK.
I now have a new server and I have an IP address
to put forums.ledgersmb.org onto again. is where the site's DNS and MX 
should go. This IP is dedicated just for ledgersmb
so that I can add https if we want to.

I have lost all of the recent emails that have been
sent. I propose that we just start new for 2018.
The number of truly ancient emails were a problem

I have found some other OpenBSD users that want to
use LedgerSMB. But a lot of perl modules need to be
imported. I can start work on that and I may be able
to get other OpenBSD users and also any help from 
non-OpenBSD users is especially welcome!
OpenBSD does not ever accept directly from CPAN, so
that requires using a fairly straightforward process
to get them ready to be imported.

OpenBSD natively runs it's own webserver software
chroot'ed, but I really don't know anything much
about it, so that's probably best to not use.

Everything this email and others recently makes it
sound to me like this is an excellent time to do the
work of importing everything for LedgerSMB.

Since LedgerSMB can't run on OpenBSD right now, I have
not been using it, so everything that's been done will
leave me as a newbie, which is probably a good thing.

I had an excellent holiday since I got a new laptop and
a new server.
I hope to put them to excellent use this year!

Chris Bennett

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