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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Cleaner tree for UI/ ?
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Re: [ledgersmb-devel] Cleaner tree for UI/ ?

Hi Erik,

I agree that a better organization of files in the UI subtree would be desirable.

I haven't gone for a specific look yet, but I'm envisaging a dir tree that closely matches the "functional" use of each levels content.
so something loosely along the lines of....
  - UI/app/{login,logout,main}.{html,js,css}
  - UI/app/ar/*.*
  - UI/..........
  - UI/setup/*.*
  - UI/lib/*.*

David G

On 11/08/17 22:34, Erik Huelsmann wrote:

Since we moved to being a single-page app on the main app, I'm looking to improve clarity in the UI/ tree.

What's the problem? I see a number of things being unclear:

 * Out of all the files stored in UI/, only these are actual "top level" documents:
   - UI/login.html
   - UI/logout.html
   - UI/main.html
   - setup/*.html
 * All files, also the bits that are "html fragments" these days, include a full html start- and end-tags as well as a header definition (which are being thrown away upon receipt!)
 * There are non-HTML documents (ODS, XLS, CSV, ...) in that directory (which suggests that it's not solely about UI, but also about data-export/report generation)

Apart from the mix of HTML documents, the directory contains assets that *are* being served: _javascript_/images/css/... .

Should we separate the HTML fragments in order to clarify the status as being a "non-toplevel document"?

Another thing: I think we should separate out the templates which have not *just* an HTML representation, meaning that they are not (primarily) UI related elements.




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